Monday, September 6, 2010

10 little facts about me:

I thought I would deviate from anything to do with art and fill you in on 10 little tidbits about me. (not to be mistaken for being self-centered, haha) I simply would like to fill in my followers about a few little known facts...Enjoy

1. I am very much in love with antique photos, I own a bunch. I recently bought 5 and lined them along this little shelf I have in my studio. Later that day I took them down because I felt like they were watching me...(I'm weird, I know it) And, yes I will continue to buy them as I come across ones that suit my fancy.

2. I'm fascinated with the chupacabra, big foot, ghosts, yetis and so on....Why, I have no idea...and to answer your question, I believe in them all....
3. I love buying antique things (in relation to fact #2, I have this fear that someday one of the things I buy will be haunted. This always crosses my mind before a purchase.)

4. I love Disney

5. I believe that the 50's were the classiest era

6. I love pin-up

7. I begged my husband to buy me a metal detector for Christmas. I always bring it with me to the desert when I go camping. (You laugh now, but I WILL find treasure muahaha) Its the gift that pays for itself.

8. When my husband and I ride our dirt bikes he gets annoyed that I have and stop to to investigate everything for unfound treasures... i.e. gems, gold, relics, fossils, petrified wood and bones. I once found a huge spine in the desert that I brought home; it now sits in my moms planter, haha. I also thought I found turquoise once and made him stuff these rocks in his motorcylce boots till we got back from our ride, it was only copper *tear*.

9. My favorite movie is Braveheart, and I love Mel Gibson (Yup, I said it)

10. This fact is already well known but, I believe that everyone should follow there dreams, live life with to regrets and speak the truth.
*Finding a petroglyph site that is thousands of years old in the desert*
(This counts in my treasure category)

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