Thursday, September 16, 2010

My pledge...join my movement!

Its time for me to make a pledge, and my doing so I hope to encourage others to join my movement. This Christmas I am going to support artists and small businesses by purchasing most of my gifts from them. I want to support others by in the community by bringing business to their shops, store fronts, and websites. Its important to me because not only am I an artist, but I also consign many of my items to boutiques. I have definitely noticed a decrease in the amount of items I have sold, and the amount of business these little shops are receiving. Please join this movement, pledge to buy handmade or from small business owners this season. Comment to this post on why its important to you to make this pledge.


  1. WooHoo! I'm in! As a small business owner and an artist also....this has always been my motto! When people come in my shoppe and say....Oh, I don't need another thing for my response is....Well, you buy gifts, don't you? I'm sure that someone would love to get a gift from here. Ü

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thats great Lori!!! I love the "well you buy gifts don't you?"

  3. Great BLog! I try toalso buy gifts from small businesses either online or local, I find it is easier to find just the perfect gift for each person on my list and support entrepreneurs and artists like myself at the same time!

    Happy Sales!
    Loree (Loreesjewelrybox)

  4. I plan to buy from mostly Etsy sellers this year for Christmas!!! This will be my first year as an Etsy seller. I wish I had known about Etsy sooner!
    Without getting all "go America" (because I love sellers from overseas, in fact, my favorite Etsian is from Ireland) I am completely fed up with sweat shops... and the digusting working conditions so many human beings are faced with - and i am more than willing to pay more for something hand crafted by an artist who *loves* what they do. Not someone forced. Not for some giant corporation. I am excited to support small local artists this holiday season!