Friday, October 29, 2010

I got that boom boom pow!

This is for you, who is "you" you ask? Well its simply the person reading this at this very absolute moment. Don't believe me, then pick up a mirror and it will tell you the answer.

Life is meant to be lived. Live your life, don't worry about who is watching or what others may think. Dream it, create it. If you love it do it, if not-its simply not worth your time. Don't let others hold you back, ignore the naysayers. Aspire to amazing heights, don't be scared. You have wings, fly the distance. Love the simple things, enjoy nature. Love animals, believe it can happen. Take deep breaths, it was meant to be. If you don't like it change it. Bask in the sunlight, enjoy the rain. Walk in the moonlight, gaze at the stars. You are a star, don't let anybody tell you any different. Laugh, smile, cry when you want, don't hold back. It is what it is, so just let it go. Follow your heart, it will never disappoint you. The past is the past, the future is now. You are loved, I heart you-don't believe me-ask me then. Never have doubts, there are no mistakes. Never say never. Why walk when you can fly. I believe you can do it, I'm here for you, so are they. Cherish the day, seize the night. Go for it. You are amazing! The easy path isn't always exciting. Take an adventure, I will meet you there.
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