Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cleaning Out The Closet

For November I am going to be giving away a surprise necklace from my shop! There are several ways to enter:

1. Follow my blog
2. Become a my fan on facebook
3. Make a comment to my blog post titled "Boom Boom Pow"
4. Post my etsy shop link on your facebook or Twitter page
5. Refer a friend

You will receive one entry per task done! Please send me a message via my email which is with the link to show that you have reposted it, to tell me what friend you referred and/or however else you have entered :) Please don't forget to leave me your email in someway so I can get in touch with you! Winner will be randomly selected and announced on Tuesday November 30th! Best of luck!



  1. Boom Boom Pow!
    I'm your follower & a fan on fbook.
    I linked to your etsy page on both fbook & twitter!
    Pick me! Pick me! Pick ME! ;^)

  2. Boom Boom Pow
    Gotta get get.. BOOM BOOM BOOM!

    Okay :D My email is so watch out!

  3. Just a quick hi as I've not visited in sooo long and i'm assssshhhaaammmeeedd!! lol. Hope you've a good weekend!!

    All The Best!!

  4. Boom Boom POW! <3
    I'm a follower & a fan!
    i'll post on facebook and twitter!
    i'm in the chat with you, well it just kicked me out, but will be again! :]

  5. email is

    twitter: -- add me and you'll see it posted. -- add me :]

    facebook: add me from yours and youll see it!