Monday, July 26, 2010

No air conditioning and my oddness...?!?

Why is it that most antique places have no AC!?! I'm baffled...its the majority of them. Its like a brazillion degrees outside and I'm on a third floor losing 5 pounds in sweat and getting ready to pass out from heat exhaustion. This past Saturday was one of those days, but this time I dragged my husband Matt along with me to suffer as well (I have to take someone else down with me). Anyways, that morning I decided to wear this fab lip gloss, (this is where my oddness comes into play) and they have all these HUGE fans blowing everywhere to keep it cool in these places. Well in my awesome mind I get this idea that these fans are kicking up all kinds of ancient dust and what-not, which is then sticking to my glossy lips. I then became grossed out at the thought. Upon leaving I then proceeded to wipe my lip gloss off on the inside of my husbands shirt sleeve so that I would be able to even go in the next place. I could not be deterred from finding my treasures! (What?? his shirt was black! You would have done the same) Anyways, on a final note...Matt is pretty rad for putting up with me and my antics....I will keep you posted on any further happenings.

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